A different world

20. Januar 2017 at 15:35

Merry Christmas and a happy new year my friends!

Today, Sarah is coming to Peru and we will be traveling together for a while. I’m extremely excited because we have not seen each other for almost 4 months now. But before this, it’s time to share something special with you all.

Well… I think I’m making it hard for myself to tell great stories. Simply because it’s hard to beat what has already happened. This all shall be a summery, not a comparison though. I want to look back and know that I have experienced amazing things in fascinating places, don’t want to think about where I liked it the most and where the least.

But do you know where it is breathtakingly beautiful?


As a pretty tiny country, especially compared with it’s giant neighbors, it is not holding back in diversity and with natural wonders. From deep amazon jungle in the east, over it’s huge volcanic part of the Andes, down to the white-sanded pacific coast in the west, Ecuador is offering a hell of a lot of adventure and greatness on a small area.

From the Colombian border, where we spent 2 days, we rushed down to Quito, the capital, to bring some calmness into the trip. The plan: 1 week of Quito, learning more Spanish, explore the city and for me: get to know the Parkour community!
Said and done, stayed without the others in a super-funny shared apartment in Quito’s center ‚Latin Brothers House‘, less than 20 minutes from the parkour park, awesome playground with bars and infinite striding possibilities.

4 days of private Spanish course with great exercises and experiences, like the ‚Middle of the earth‘, where I was at the equator once again. On top of that, brutally stiff legs from training, but fun indeed!
It was so great to apply all of the freshly learned Spanish with everyone around me I lived with and from parkour. Learning languages this way just makes so much sense.
Quickly climbed a volcano and with 4696 meters beat my personal height-record, experienced insane cold and formed snowballs out of hail.

All this made the week go by quite fast, while we spontaneously decided to take a detour out onto the Pacific Ocean. To a place that completely took all my imagination of nature, adventure and experiences apart. What follows is incredibly hard to put into words. I will just try to express how it was for me.


Imagine a part of the earth where there are no humans. Where animals and plants can develop far, far away from any kind of civilization, even 1000 kilometers away from the continental main land. This place has a kind of nature completely different from what you could elsewhere experience. Sure, for a few hundred years, humans have been getting more and more involved but there has been a great effort to preserve the pristine nature and it’s inhabitants and limit human contact.

And if you just try to imagine it all without humans, you could easily believe to be on another planet. I’m not kidding, this volcanic landscape with endemic trees and bushes is boosting of life that can simply not be found anywhere else.
I wanted to do a few things while on Galapagos. Seeing animals that are only to be found there or really hard to find anywhere else. Here’s what I had in mind:

– Galapagos Penguins (meeting these fellas at the equator is truely amazing)
– Marine Iguanas, preferably in the water (imagine Godzilla but smaller, about 1 Meter including the tail)
– Blue footed Boobies (on Galapagos endemic birds with blue feet)

I did not expect or hope for more than that.

Even before I had reached the second island, I had already see twice as many natural incredibilities than were on my list.

On Galapagos I snorkeled with turtles, penguins, iguanas, sharks and Manta rays, dived with Hammerheads and Mola Molas (moonfish), climbed volcanoes and admired giant tortuses, explored volcanic landscapes under water and discovered most colorful rarities of the bird kingdom.

Maybe you’d like to see some pictures?

All this (and honestly so much more) happened within a week, during which I also got to enjoy fantastic hospitality and build deep friendships.

Galapagos was certainly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been (see older posts for comparison #Borneo #Bunyunyi #Sumatra) and will always stay in unforgettable memory. There is a vast variety of possibilities to experience these islands. If any of you ever get the chance to go there, let me know, I might join again…

After the islands I went to the amazon to get some more jungle feeling, went rafting with Alex and Kate and bathed in hot springs, to pick up the last highlights on the way down south. Now we are in Peru and are falling for a new country with totally new spectacularities.

See you soon.