2 parts Olmeca Altos canadian goose jacket Reposado1 part lime

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[SIP+SAVOR] 3 Great Margarita Recipes

Jasmine Tea Margarita Tommy’s canada goose clearance sale Margarita Blood Orange Margarita <> “National Margarita buy canada goose jacket cheap Day” is a thing. Who knew? Every day is a “National____ canada goose outlet Canada Goose Coats On Sale Day” according canada goose coats on sale to the pitches I get. canada goose deals Personally, I don’t think there’s ever a bad day for a margarita, which is why it is the only one of those ‘holidays’ I’ve entertained in quite a while. Here are a few EBONY.com-approved recipes to help you celebrate. Turn down for what?Jasmine Tea MargaritaI was hesitant about this one, but pleasantly surprised by how well the Canada Goose Outlet jasmine tea—which I usually don’t fancy very much—blends with the Canada Goose Jackets tequila. Olmeca Altos Reposado is aged in ex-bourbon canada goose coats casks Canada Goose online and is not an entry level liquid, nor one for the “I like the premixed margaritas in the grocery store” crew. 2 parts Olmeca Altos canadian goose jacket Reposado1 part lime juice½ part agave syrup4 parts jasmine teaBuild up all ingredients over ice. Stir in chilled glass. Canada Goose Online Tommy’s MargaritaThis might be why Tommy ain’t got no job. It’s so good, light and easy canada goose black friday sale to drink. Olmeca Altos Plata is a Canada Goose Parka good ‘middle shelf’ tequila, nice bang for your buck—but won’t knock canada goose you down. Canada Goose sale 2 parts canada-gooseoutlets Olmeca Altos cheap Canada Goose Plata1 part fresh squeezed lime juice½ part agave nectarShake all ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass. Serve on the rocks.Blood Orange MargaritaYou really can’t go wrong with blood orange! This one is soooo good. You canada goose clearance can sub triple canada goose replica sec for the Cointreau, but I highly advise spending a couple of extra bucks—it’s a good bottle to keep on the shelf and makes a lot of great cocktails. Don’t even think about using regular orange juice though. 1 buy canada goose jacket 1/2 parts Tequila Avión (I prefer Silver; it’s light, but won’t get lost to the orange flavor by far!)3/4parts Cointreau Orange Liqueur1 part Blood Orange Juice1/2 part Fresh Sour Mix In a cocktail shaker, add all ingredients with ice. Shake and strain; best served over fresh ice and garnish with an orange twist canada goose store.

And still pass law school with decent to good results

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tiredoldbitch u

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I’ve got a good story for this one. Not something I found on canadagoosejacket-outlet a customers computer so much as the events surrounding the situation. Years ago, in my consulting days, a customer brought in linked website two desktops. They were covered in dirt; Inside, outside, everywhere. It looked like someone had literally shoveled dirt into them. canada goose clearance He was pretty blunt about what canada goose coats happened: he said his wife had been having pretty explicit chat sessions with some Canada Goose Jackets guy on the internet.

In a rage, he took his and her computers out Canada Goose Coats On Sale and buried them in the back yard. buy canada goose jacket cheap He then thought better about it and canada goose coats on sale brought them in canadian goose jacket to us in hopes of having them fixed. That was pretty much the last canada goose clearance sale time we saw him. We cleaned canada goose uk shop both workstations up and actually managed to salvage them. They sat on the shelf for a good year and a half waiting for their owner to come pick them up, but he never came.

We eventually disposed of cheap canada goose uk them since they had been there for a long time and repeated attempts to contact the guy had failed. One day, probably about 2 years after the guy showed up and 6 months after we had scrapped his pc’s, a couple deputies from the local sheriffs office showed up with a warrant to seize his equipment; which we no longer had possession of. They were surprisingly unconcerned when I told them we didn’t have it.

Turned out canada goose uk outlet his wife had „disappeared“ and when the guy was canada goose questioned about it he confessed to killing her. They found her buried in his back yard.

Edit: Aaaannd one of my top Reddit comments is about a woman’s murder. Not sure if I should feel impressed or ashamed.

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The Second Doggo War would turn out to be a long and bloody ordeal. The German Shephards, under the dictatorship of Adog Hitler, become an economic and militaristic superpower, and quickly seize the Polish Lowland Shepherds. The French Bulldogs, outgunned and outdogged, have no choice but to surrender. The English Mastiffs, under canada goose black friday sale the leadership of Wagston Pawhill, bravely hold their own under German Shepherd bombings, their slogan becoming „Keep Calm and Wag On.“ uk canada goose The American Pitbull Terriers seek to stay out of direct conflict, yet aid the English Mastiffs economically, by cutting off treat exports to the Shiba Inus. Under direct orders from Emperor Hirodoggo, the Shiba Inus attack the American Pitbull Terriers directly at Pawrl Harbor. President Franklin Doggonal Woofsevelt was left with no other choice but to declare war on the German Shepherds and Shiba Inus both. On the Eastern Front, the German Sheperds launch an attack on the Siberian Huskies. Cut off from any friendly aid, Josef Pawlin orders his Huskies to retreat to Pawlingrad, and destroy canada goose factory sale any food Canada Goose Parka bowls on their way.

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He didn ask you Canada Goose Online to view it, you did that of your own volition. It was definitely inappropriate, but not worth involving management. Why don you actually try talking to your coworker like Canada Goose Outlet an adult? „Hey dude, that was not cool what you were watching. Could you please not share that stuff canada goose store when I around, it bothers me.“ The only time you shouldn give someone an opportunity to change something that bothers you is when it causes harm to someone else or violates policy. He was simply asking someone to look at something canada goose uk black friday on his phone, and it wasn you.

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About the work ethic. Put it this way. In England, you can basically dick around cheap Canada Goose all day, drinking booze and playing drunk DOTA 2 (drunk DOTA best DOTA). Not go to a single lecture. And still pass law school with decent to good results.

Pretty sure you can do that and pass I. Singapore. Most of my friends were cramming day and night for probably 16 hours a day. buy canada goose jacket Their danger wasn hang overs or forgetting anything, it was pure burn out. Of course, this was almost a decade ago. Maybe it gotten Canada Goose sale better? Or maybe law school is just insane here uk canada goose outlet.

A vehicle’s GCWR is a specific weight determined by the

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How Gross Combined Weight Rating GCWR Works

Some numbers associated with cars and trucks really buy canada goose jacket aren’t a mystery. In fact, they’re pretty straightforward. For example, most everyone knows what fuel economy numbers are. canada goose store Even horsepower and torque numbers are Canada Goose Parka familiar to many these days. A vehicle’s zero to sixty times are often canada goose clearance sale mentioned when you’re discussing a sports car, and if you’re talking about a sedan, you might even be familiar with numbers that describe how much interior space that model has to offer numbers that describe the interior volume or the front and uk canada goose rear Canada Goose Outlet seat leg room. These numbers along with many, many others are important to understand when you’re buying a car or truck. They clearly describe to you what canada goose coats on sale you can expect to get for your money.

Even though all of these costs, statistics, weights Canada Goose sale and measures are published, or canadian goose jacket somehow available to consumers, there are still a few numbers that cause some confusion among new car and truck buyers. Truthfully, most people don’t even know what some of these numbers really mean, or the consequences of ignoring them. One example is a vehicle’s gross combination weight rating, or GCWR.

If you’re ever planning to tow a trailer with your vehicle whether it’s a car, truck or SUV you should be aware of your gross combination weight rating, so you should probably start by Canada https://www.getcanadagooseoutlet.ca Goose online learning the definition of a GCWR. A vehicle’s GCWR is a specific weight determined by the manufacturer to be the maximum weight of a loaded tow vehicle and its attached loaded trailer. The total weight of the tow canada goose factory sale vehicle and trailer should Canada Goose Jackets never exceed the manufacturer’s listed GCWR [source: Ford Motor Company].

Similar to a vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating, or GVWR, the gross combination uk canada goose outlet weight rating is a specific Canada Goose Online maximum weight limit determined by the manufacturer. The major difference is that the GCWR Canada Goose Coats On Sale takes into account two individual (yet attached) vehicles the tow vehicle and the trailer. However, the gross combination weight rating definition doesn’t really state how the weight rating canada goose black friday sale is calculated. According to Ford Motor Company, the GCWR is calculated by adding the following weights together: The vehicle’s listed curb weight, allowable payload, driver and passenger weight and trailer weight canada goose uk black friday [source: Ford Motor Company].

It’s important to remember that the GCWR is not an actual measurement of the weight of a tow vehicle and a buy canada goose jacket cheap trailer, but rather the combined maximum weight limit that the manufacturer has set for the two vehicles once attached.

The primary reason for setting a GCWR for any vehicle is safety. Overloading a tow vehicle or canada goose a trailer is dangerous enough. Overload both and you’ve really got a problem. Not only is a heavy load difficult to control on the road, but several other components could canada goose clearance also be at risk. canada goose uk shop For example, the braking systems may overheat and fail, reducing or even eliminating the possibility of safely slowing or stopping your vehicle. The tires may not be able to handle the extra load, potentially causing a blow out situation. The engine canada goose coats and transmission in the tow vehicle may overheat due to the added strain, causing a mechanical failure. Components within canada goose uk outlet the cheap Canada Goose tow vehicle or trailer’s suspension system could bend or even break, causing you to lose control on the road. The truth is that a variety of problems could result from overloading. Again, you Canada Goose sale should never surpass your vehicle’s GCWR.

If you’re going to tow a trailer, it’s a smart move to play it safe by learning your vehicle’s GCWR. Where can you find this information? Typically, it can be found on a label inside the vehicle’s door frame, near the area cheap canada goose uk where the driver’s door latches. Another option is to search for the information on the Internet. Most manufacturers will publish this and other important vehicle information online.

Now it’s the students vs

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[SHONDALAND RECAP] Winter Finales canada goose clearance sale Get Away With Murder

Olivia and canada goose store co. take their leave until cheap Canada Goose 2015 Last night was the winter finale for both Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, Canada Goose Online and as usual, MamaShonda Rhimes did not disappoint!Let’s start with the whirlwind of craziness on Scandal. Olivia knows her mother is alive, and wants to see her pretty much rot away in a jail cell. As Canada Goose sale far as Canada Goose Coats On Sale her father, she wants him hunted and killed. Rowan Pope has Canada Goose Outlet a similar idea for Liv. He shows up at Liv’s home with a gun https://www.jacketstock.com and his trademark monologue. Olivia gets canada goose outlet a little courage and wrestles the gun from canada goose replica her dad, pointing canada goose black friday sale and firing. Unfortunately the gun wasn’t loaded, and now Rowan Pope is steaming mad. He felt Olivia has betrayed him, and now I’m sure Olivia has solidified her spot on his kill list along with the rest of his B613 agents.Cyrus has a bit of a scandal of his own. Elizabeth North canada goose deals leaks photos of him and his male prostitute canada goose coats to the press and they have a field day with it. Ashamed of the backlash he’s brought upon the White House, Cyrus quits. Olivia visits Cyrus and gives him the pep talk of a buy canada goose jacket lifetime, convincing him to man up and get back in the White House. He does, even though that means marrying a canada goose male prostitute and pretending to be in love.And did I mention the best part of Scandal? Liv was kidnapped. Canada Goose Jackets Yep, Papa Pope doesn’t take kindly to betrayal from his family, and he got B613 agents to snatch her right out of her apartment while Jake was undressing in her bedroom. The worst part is, they spilled perfectly good wine on her pristine white couch. No respect!How to Get Away With Murder was just as intense last night. Of course, this is the night we have all been waiting for. Who killed Sam??I have a story for you. Wanna hear it? Here it go. Annalise is kicking Sam out of the house after finding out that Sam knew of Lila’s pregnancy. She’s tired of his lies, and who canada goose coats on sale can blame her? The two get Canada Goose Parka into an explosive argument where Sam ends up calling Anna everything but a child of God and says she was buy canada goose jacket cheap nothing but a cheap lay to him. Annalise confesses that she’s been cheating with Nate the undercover cop, canada goose clearance then storms out to be with her side-boo.Annalise is now gone, and the timing couldn’t be worse for Michaela to stop by with the trophy. Sam tells Michaela that Annalise isn’t home, but Michaela decides that rather than leave, she’ll wait. Big mistake, because in runs Rebecca with her flash drive attempting to pull info off of Sam’s laptop.She grabs the computer and runs up stairs. Sam chases her, but luckily Rebecca locks herself in the bedroom. Sam refuses to let either girl leave and things start getting pretty intense. Luckily Michaela phones the rest of her classmates for help and they come to the girls’ aide. Now it’s the students vs. a very drunk Sam Keating, and as Sam lunges towards Michaela, she attempts to protect herself by pushing the professor over a banister.The students assume Sam is dead canadian goose jacket and are already attempting to figure out what to do. Unfortunately, he’s not dead, and he attacks Rebecca. Wes thinks fast and strikes Sam Canada Goose online in the head with the trophy. Yep, that should do it. Now all of the students are accomplices to murder. They decide to clean up the crime scene, roll Sam up in a carpet and burn his body in the woods. Sounds like a great idea but they’re doing a sloppy job. Considering this show is called How to Get Away With Murder, I’d assume they would know better.So now we know Wes killed Sam. But there’s more—somehow Annalise is behind it all. Apparently she witnessed Wes cleaning up the crime scene, and given how calm Wes was, there’s definitely something going on that we don’t quite know about. I guess we’ll have to see what happens when Shondaland Thursdays pick back up in January!Stephanie Ogbogu is a freelance writer who has been featured on ESPN, Anderson Cooper, USA Today, The New York Post, Huffington Post Live and more. Follow her at @eleven8 on Instagram and Twitter.